Cloud Services Management

  • Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
    • Setup and Administration of Microsoft 365 Cloud Services
    • Office 365 Email Account Creation and License Management
    • OneDrive Setup for Users
    • Sharepoint Document Library for Collaboration
    • Microsoft Teams Setup for Users
    • Microsoft Exchange or Other Hosted Email Migration to Office 365
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Modern Device Deployment using Windows 10
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS

Network Infrastructure Management

Network Router and Switch Installation, Administration and Maintenance

Network Firewall Installation, Administration and Maintenance

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Threat Assessments & Analysis

Manage External DNS

Website Filtering

Network Printer, Fax, and Copier Support

Point of Contact for Hardware/Software Vendors

Server Management

Server Installation, Administration and Maintenance

Backup Product Installation and Administration

Monthly Operating System Patching

Scheduled AntiVirus/AntiSpyware Update and Scan

Server Hardware Firmware/Driver Updates

User Account Creation and Manage Proper Access Level

Virtualization using Hpyer-V/VMWare

Point of Contact for Hardware/Software Vendors

Endpoint Device Management

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

PC Hardware/Software Installation and Maintenance

Operating System and Other Software Update Installation

Monthly Operating System Patching

Documents/Desktop Folder Redirection

Scheduled AntiVirus/AntiSpyware Update and Scan

PC Hardware Firmware/Driver Updates and Replacement

Mobile Device Management

Point of Contact for Hardware/Software Vendors

Remote/On-Premises Support

Routinely monitor Endpoint, Server, and Network Devices

Troubleshoot issues remotely

Provide End User Support